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NYK-Hinode Line, Ltd. Action Charter

Our company, after its founding in 1912, continued to develop primarily as a carrier of heavy cargo, and in February 2001, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line), markedly expanding its service network to make a renewed start as a comprehensive operator of conventional and semi-conventional vessels in the NYK Group.

Our company hereby determines "NYK-Hinode Line Ltd. Action Charter" with a firm determination to continue unremitting efforts for the promotion of safe and high-grade oceangoing shipping services, tailored to the needs of the times, as a key member of the NYK Group, and at the same time to contribute to the sustainable development of society as a corporate citizen with full regard to human rights in strict compliance with social norms of ethics, to say nothing of laws and regulations, in the day-to-day conduct of business:

1. Social Mission

Fully aware of our social mission, which is to provide safe and high-grade oceangoing services, we will live up to our customers' trust and expectations by listening modestly to their wishes, secure reasonable profits for our shareholders through fair corporate management, and contribute to the development of society through dialogue with stakeholders.

2. Safe Operation of Vessels and Protection of Global Environment

We will give top priority to the safe operation of vessels and endeavor to step up safety measures, based on international safety standards, as well as striving to improve our techniques for operational safety. We will determine our principles regarding the environment, based on the recognition that oceans are valuable assets of the Earth, and exert constant efforts for the prevention of marine pollution and the preservation of the best possible global environment.

3. Reinforcement of Security System

We will maintain watertight security not only to forestall the interruption and abuse of the international logistics network by unlawful activities, but also to prevent improper access to and leakage of information in our possession.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Fully aware of our responsibility as a corporate citizen, we will strictly adhere to justice and fairness, and will fully respect precious traditions and culture in the respective regions to say nothing of compliance with laws and regulations. We will conduct our business in conformity with equitable norms of social ethics.

5. Elimination of Antisocial Forces

We will resolutely face up to antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of social life.

6. Preservation of Favorable Working Environment

We will strive to preserve a favorable working environment for our employees with full respect to their diversity, characters and personalities.

The management of our company will deem it their mission to take the lead in translating the spirit of the Charter into action and will establish an effective internal system for fully implementing the Charter while making the Charter thoroughly known to all the quarters concerned as well as all our employees. Moreover, should an untoward or emergency situation arise, such as the violation of laws and regulations, and disgraceful incidents, the management will regard it as their responsibility to look into the causes of such situations, resolve the problems involved expeditiously and accurately, and prevent their recurrence.

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